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Play Your Cards Right Friday Fun Nights



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2nd XI vs Farsley – Home – 20th August


J.Suggitt T.Suggitt C.Blackburn A.Baldwin R.Limbecheya J.Griffin J.McGahan N.Skirrow N.Tearle T.Breakwell H.Kelly

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1st XI vs Farsley – Away 20th August


N.Johnson L.Goddard N.Walker R.Atkins J.Middlebrook S.Lambert M.Lawson Q.Khan M.Bilal D.McCallum C.Wallis

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Play your cards right jackpot rollover now to £200!!


The PYCR current jackpot of £150 wasn’t won last night the closest to winning the jackpot was John Gregory with just 3 cards left  so it will be rolled over and £50 added so the new jackpot will now be £200 at the next PYCR event on ban...

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Heavy Woollen Cup Winners 2016 New Farnley….!!!


After losing out in their previous foray in the final of the prestigious Heavy Woollen Cup against hosts Hanging Heaton in the 2013 showpiece, the West Leeds outfit came out smiling in the finalé with expensively-assembled Drakes Huddersfield Leag...

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2nd XI vs Lightcliffe – Home 13th August


J.Suggitt R.Limbecheya A.Baldwin R.Thompson J.Griffin N.Skirrow T.Suggitt H.Kelly M.O’Halleron J.McGahan J.Bentley

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